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METAVERSE EDUCATION Conference. 7 May 2024

We will be presenting and sharing insights on #Metaeducation, breaking the boundaries of the impossible: letting children play freely, at the Metaverse Education Conference at the Lycée Français de New York.

We will talk about the values of #Innovation: Why #Metaeducation need to prioritizes innovation in leveraging XR technologies to enhance educational experiences.

#Collaboration and Building Communities: Collaboration is essential for the success of our XR education of the future.

#Equity: Ensuring equity in XR education involves addressing issues of access, inclusivity, and diversity. The new ecosystem need to focus on prioritizes initiatives that promote equal opportunities for all students to engage with #XR technologies, regardless of their background, abilities, or circumstances.

More info here:

Metaverse Education Conference, Date: May 7, 2024
IRL: from 5pm to 9pm EDT at Lycée Français de New York 505 East 75th Street New York, NY 10021
Online: 2pm to 9pm EDT 

MUSIC 5 SENSES. Chapter II. 2024

"To Music with the Five Senses" is an immersive educational experience delving into the sensations and emotions evoked by musical passages from Mozart, Respighi, and Tchaikovsky

This journey began three years ago and continues to evolve into a more interactive and engaging environment for students, where they can now interact with the medium and uncover the keys to the experience beyond workshops. 

A new, enhanced interactive version enables firsthand exploration of the passion for classical music and its connection with nature. This new version has been developed in Unity, with 6DoF support for Pico Neo 3 Pro and Pico 4.

This project is by the Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofia, directed, produced, and developed by ONE Digital Consulting, and adapted from an original screenplay by Fernando Palacios. Featuring the Camerata of the School of Music Reina Sofia, under the direction of Prof. Giovanni Guzzo

Music with 5 Senses, has reached hundreds of schools and educational centers, enriching the experiences of thousands of students across Spain and Latin America.

VIVALDI 3.0 VRARA StoryTelling Committee 2024

Presentation at the VRARA International StoryTelling Committe

Part videogame, part classical concert, and part learning experience, Carlos Ochoa Fernandez's immersive world built around Antonio Vivaldi's seminal 'Four Seasons,' the four violin concerti composed to bring musical expression.

Recorded in 8K video, with ambisonic sound and 6DF, the Vivaldi 3.0 project presents small cues that provide the opportunity to interact and discover and learn inside the music #Vivaldi

Working with HP, PICO XR, and other partners, Ochoa and his international team (Andy Fidel ✨, Cause + Christi: Immersive XR Design, Encarna Mora, Jan Raydan, ONE Digital Consulting in collaboration with #ONEXRStudio and Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía), are creating live musical concerts with XR to enhance the overall experience. 

Discover how to bring creative arts closer to the new generations to transform society, based on the values of education in democracy, human equality, nature, and the mystical convergence through music. Learn how scenic direction in XR, with Vivaldi's music, delivers stronger perceptual connections with the music.

Spatial Education: Unleashing 3D Active Learning

Pau Guardiola is a Stanford University/UCAM PhD candidate and a visiting Researcher at the Stanford Center for Deliberative Democracy. During the session, he will explore the transformative potential of education through spatial computing, where complex subjects such as molecular structures, medical triage or architecture are brought to life in immersive, interactive 3D environments. 

This progression is not just innovation but a natural evolution that perfectly aligns with today's digital-native learners, who seek dynamic engagement far removed from the static confines of traditional classrooms. 

This talk will present research findings, showcase cutting-edge tools, and outline future directions, demonstrating the profound impact of spatial computing on both educational methodologies and participatory democracy.

From VR/AR Association (VRARA) Education Committee, we continue our commitment to adding value to the educational ecosystem, by advocating for the convergence of technology and best practices, alongside the most competent experts worldwide.

ONE Digital Consulting has been a proud sponsor of the VRARA Education Committee since 2017.

A very intersting interview of Carlos J. Ochoa Fernández with Bob Raikes from 8K Association.

One of the applications for 8K that has been gaining more interest, especially since the launch of the Apple Vision Pro, is the use of 8K to create virtual worlds for viewing in 3D headsets. 

When you are capturing a very wide field of view, you really need a lot of pixels to deliver a great experience.

The aim of the project is to develop an immersive universe for Antonio Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’ based on a top quality performance by violinist Ara Malikian. The performance was captured in 8K using 360° video and with ambisonic audio. The content is intended to be used in education to inspire and inform youngsters and engage them in the music. Ochoa is heavily involved in education – he is the Co-Chair of VR/AR Education Committee and developed a previous project some four years ago. We spoke with him to learn more.

The content was captured with Insta Pro2 8K 360º cameras and Zoom ambisonic recording equipment. The main camera was generally between the key violins and cellos. Audio was recorded from the centre. Ochoa found that allowing Malikian to freely talk about the pieces and his feelings was much more effective than the pre-prepared script.

The Best XR Partner: When Device and Trust Matter

One of the most challenging tasks when launching an XR project is selecting the devices we will work with. 

Ultimately, they are a fundamental part of the project and workflow. Depending on how we define the user profile, application environment, connectivity, interactivity, image quality, autonomy, usability, etc., we may have some options that are better suited than others. 

In this difficult selection process, we also need the assurance of first-hand, quality support that can advise us and solve the problems we encounter along the way. Throughout our extensive experience in the XR world, we have gone through countless brands and types of devices, including Oculus, Acer, Samsung, HP Reverb, HTC, Pico, etc. 

And if there is one company that has never let us down, it has been Pico. Since the beginning at their European center in Barcelona, with the invaluable support of Leland Hedges and especially Heitor Bravi, we have evolved from Pico G4 to the Pico Neo 2,3...and now Pico 4. 

All of them have been in service in various projects: "Music with 5 Senses," "Madrid in Game," "Vivaldi 3.0," "Metaverse Experience," and "SmartEducationLabs". 

Therefore, we want to immensely thank all the support received throughout these years, and now, as we make our leap to the USA with our development team Cause + Christi: Immersive XR Design as well as the excellent level of satisfaction reported by our clients.

More than 1.100 online attendees to #VIVALDI30

Last 21st of March, we had the opportunity of presenting at “The Best of Europe: XR, AI, Immersive Tech (VR/AR Association (VRARA) Europe Summit” our project Vivaldi 3.0.

We had the opportunity to share with the audience this journey through the cycle of life, nature. A journey around a world of fantasy and magic, which takes visitors on a first-person, immersive, interactive, and unique experience, where you explore, discover, and interact with musical, natural, and magical spaces, immersed in a passionate world that transports you to the origins of life.

We want to send 1,100 thanks and hugs of gratitude to all those who have followed online this presentation, to all the expressions of support and affection that we have received from all members of the team, and, in short, to all those who make it possible for us to continue working in this world of immersive technologies with love and passion.

We want to extend our immense gratitude to the entire team that has made this project possible, from #AraMalikian's team to all the musicians and professionals at the Reina Sofía School of Music, and especially to the project team, Andy FidelEncarna MoraCause + Christi, and #ONEXRStudio for creating magic for the senses.

One day at the MWC 2024 in #Barcelona #4YFN24👏🏻

Last week We had the opportunity to visit the #MWC2024. It had been a while since I last attended the Mobile World Congress, thanks to Clean Box team and HTC Vive for their kind invitation.

The #MWC2024, had over 101,000 attendees, surpassing the initial expectations. It's a globally renowned event, showcasing some of the innovations we will soon see in our daily lives, with an increasingly broad perspective. 

It was an opportunity to establish more personal networks, more face-to-face connections, and very good conversations with some VR/AR Association (VRARA) members, and ONE customers, and get hands-on with some of the gadgets that will soon be available to us.

We had the chance to walk through all the pavilions, testing the 3d Volumetric Capture at the Orange Stand, and an interesting visit the HTC VIVE booth. We had the chance of visiting the Madrid in Game Space, and attend the presentation of the panel by the #Madrid City Council moderated by Angel Niño, at the Santander Startups booth, with the friendly startups from Madrid in Game.

The Best of Europe. VRARA EU Summit 2024

ONE will be presenting at the Best of Europe VRARA EU Summit 2024.

We expect 2.000s people for our Best of Europe: XR, AI, Immersive Tech. Our event will use LinkedIn Live. LinkedIn has 1 billion users and we expect 1000s to watch our event! Hear from Volvo, Zeiss, Siemens, ONE and others. 

We will be presenting the Experience: Vivaldi 3.0, transcending the boundaries of reality. Vivaldi 3.0 is not a video game, nor is it a 360º movie; it is a unique experience in which the visitor discovers, explores, plays, and interacts with nature, the work, and the musician in an absolutely immersive way.

A highly complex project that has required an international team of over 50 people, including technicians, designers, producers, editors, programmers, musicians...

Vivaldi's four seasons from a perspective you've never imagined before.

Five years of sponsorship the Education Committee of VRARA

Five years of sponsorship and energizing the Education Committee of VRARA. 

At ONE, we feel very proud of the work we are doing within the Education Committee, where we already have more than 700 associated members from all continents and profiles of experts, ranging from the most competent worldwide. 

One of our latest references has been distinguished professional and friend,  Mike McCready, MS a key player in this sceene. He explained the success behind a project underway in Canada, which is an international benchmark for many of us. 

Personally, I have had the privilege of participating in several activities with Alberta Innovates. It was a true honor to contribute to this ecosystem, undoubtedly an international standard. It was an opportunity to gain insight into creating value for a better society from within.

VRARA StoryTelling On-Line Session 2024

Carlos J. Ochoa presented the astounding Vivaldi 3.0 immersive experience today on our VR/AR Association (VRARA) Storytelling Committee call with the participation of more than 30 international experts. What a thrilling view inside the production of a virtual experience of ‘Four Seasons.’ 

During the QA session, we had the opportunity to discuss detailed aspects of the project, such as narrative, recording, ambisonic sound, and other future aspects, like the use of Apple Vision Pro devices or interactive 3D screens... something we continue to consider incorporating into future developments aimed at enhancing live concerts.

Vivaldi 3.0. Live Media Concert 29.02.24

On January 29th, the interactive experience "Vivaldi 3.0, the Immersive Universe of Vivaldi's Four Seasons" was presented at the Sony Auditorium of the Reina Sofia Higher School of Music. This live performance was the culmination of several months of extraordinary work by an international team of multidisciplinary professionals. 

Throughout the two morning concerts, attended by approximately 600 students from various educational centers in the Community of Madrid, the immersive experience of the Four Seasons was presented by the School's String Quintet. It was a unique and vibrant experience where students could enjoy multimedia projections and an excellent performance by the young and talented musicians of the School. The excellent realization of this work was achieved through collaboration between the School's technicians and ONE. This project is funded by the EU's NextGen Funds and the Ministry of Culture of Spain.

Metaverse Virtual Campus Aenor 2024

Development of a hybrid experience, connecting Spain with Latam through the #Metaverse, experimenting and connecting people from an organization in real-time who had never met before, has been fascinating. A hybrid experience in which users interacted with the conference in Madrid via streaming, VR headsets, and mobile devices. 

Along the session, attendees at the event in Madrid were able to interact in real-time with colleagues from various centers in Latin America, in an extraordinary collaborative experience. The ONE team, in collaboration with the Aenor Technical team, successfully integrated this hybrid solution in record time and with extraordinary results.

VIVALDI 3.0. The Immersive Experience

The Immersive Universe of Vivaldi, through the Four Seasons" offers a unique interactive experience that combines classical music with visual and sensory elements. Viewers will be transported into Vivaldi's world and his compositions, experiencing the beauty and magic of the seasons through the eyes and ears of the composer. They can actively participate in the work, interacting with the environment and elements as they please. Discovering the games and challenges offered throughout the experience. 

This virtual reality project promises to be an exciting fusion of art and technology that will leave a lasting impression on music and visual narrative enthusiasts. Additionally, thanks to its educational and social component, by combining spaces with music, it aims to convey a subtle message of emotional balance and the need to value and respectfully care for the environment over the years.

Madrid in Game. Virtual Campus Presentation

Madrid in Game is evolving into Europe's largest Video Game Campus and a talent magnet for the development of the gaming ecosystem and industry. 

It boasts one of the most spectacular and distinctive virtual platforms serving all ecosystem members. Throughout 2023 and 2024, various presentations, events, mentorships, and activities have been conducted, showcasing the services offered by this globally recognized project. Internationally renowned visitors have already explored the Madrid in Game Metaverse, praising its extraordinarily innovative and usable nature for multiple types of activities. At ONE, we feel deeply grateful and satisfied to have been able to contribute to the development and implementation of this extraordinary project.

XRTalent. The Immersive Experience


Last September, we had the excellent opportunity to present the VIVALDI 3.0 project at the XRTalent Expo, with the design and development team led by Andy Fidel and Cause & Christi.

It was a real luxury and a unique opportunity to share such a special and singular experience with over 200 participants and experts in immersive technologies, from around the world on a virtual platform. In the various sessions, panels, and meetings on the platform, we were able to communicate in great detail about the technological aspects of the project, which proved to be very interesting and captivating for the vast majority of attendees. The next steps will involve presenting the project at various international XR festivals throughout 2024. Stay connected if you don't want to miss out.



XRTalent. The Immersive Experience

Once again, We must express with humility and without arrogance, but with deep gratitude, that we have been recognized as one of the eLearning Trailblazers: Immersive Learning Pioneers of 2023. Several decades of dedication to innovation and the application of technology in education seem to have been acknowledged by this prestigious international magazine. For us, it is a great honor to share this space with such renowned personalities and professionals from around the world. 

These immersive learning pioneers are one step ahead of tech trends and are always on the lookout for innovative ways to apply XR in eLearning. Immersive Learning Thought Leaders (2023 Edition).

Digital Enterprise Show, first Advisory Council meeting held  November 24th in Madrid.  

Once again, we participated as members of the advisory council of DES in the first meeting of the year, preparing agendas, activities, and innovations to be presented next year in Malaga. There, we had the opportunity to share ideas about the new activities to be carried out, the XR track, and particularly the new entertainment space. An opportunity to open new innovative spaces where business, creation, and entertainment converge. See you soon on June 11th, 12th, and 13th for the celebration of the new edition of DES 2024.

Metaverse Standards Forum principal member

We are truly proud of the involvement from ONE Digital Consulting as a key member of #MSF and as a participant in various study committees, including those for Digital Twins and Education.

ONEXRStudio is proud to bet on and collaborate with [organization name], contributing our expertise and knowledge towards the creation of robust and secure experiences in the #metaverse, which help safeguard the next iteration of the Internet. By fostering trust and security in the industry within immersive spaces.

Join the Metaverse Standards Forum and this celebration with us! Together, let's continue shaping the future of the #Metaverse, ensuring it remains safe, accessible, and sustainable for everyone!

Big thanks to all the team members for their excellent contribution and great job.

INVENTURES Metaverse Experience - presented by Lethbridge College.

I am more than proud to share that I will be presenting at INVENTURES Metaverse Experience, the best and brightest in global innovation for three days of learning, inspiration, and creative collisions. From rousing keynotes and expert panels to startup pitch competitions and informal networking opportunities, Inventures, powered by Alberta Innovates, is the must-attend event of 2023. 

Three unforgettable days of smashing the status quo! where you can meet the brightest minds, angel investors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders from across the globe that are solving the most critical issues of our time. The hottest innovation event at the nexus of humanity and technology. 

Join me in the Metaverse Virtual Session: Metaverse as a key strategic approach in Immersive Entrepreneurship Development Programs. May 31 2023.

The Metaverse: New Opportunities in Digital Innovation, 17 May 2023 by Ibn tofaïl university - Kénitra, Morocco.

I am thrilled to announce that I will be speaking at The Metaverse: New Opportunities in Digital Innovation, 17 May 2023 invited by Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra, Morocco. 
To remain competitive and relevant, individuals and organizations must strive to stay up to date with the latest technological trends. Immersive technology has brought about a significant transformation in the digital world, leading to the emergence of the concept of the "#Metaverse". 

The Unique "Experience Labs" at the Development Center of Madrid in Game Campus. A "Best in Class" reference in Europe.

The ONE team feels extremely proud of our involvement in the design, development, and implementation of the Experience Labs for the Madrid in Game Project, initiated by the Madrid City Council. This space stands out as a unique and pioneering facility in Europe, boasting the most advanced technology in sound production, audiovisual development, virtual productions, and XR immersive experimentation. 

These labs are equipped with cutting-edge devices, technology, systems, and software aimed at assisting startups in developing their most innovative and competitive projects on a global scale. Throughout this inaugural year, we have welcomed visits from some of the most prominent international figures, hundreds of universities and training centers, as well as thousands of students from various national educational institutions.

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