ONE is organized in knowledge communities, that helps organizations to transform to the new digital era, through training, technology and methodology. We specialize in the areas of EdTech strategy, Smart Education, VR/AR Education, Smart Cities and Innovation.


EdTech Startegy. Our parthership with Italdata, give us a new dimmesion in the eLearning environment. We are Moodle and Saba partners and experts in Social Learning Solutions. "" is the cloud platform for Social e-learning 2.0 and services that enhance the socialization in training and learning processes.


Smart Education: SmartEducationLabs and Action Based Training are the basis for the development of any free, democratic and sustainable society. “SmartEducationLabs has been design according EU recommendations, integrating advanced VR & AR technologies and methodologies in a new disruptive environment. We launch and manage EdTech complex projects, from conception to implementation, providing best in class solutions to amplify the customer success and benefit.


VR/AR Education: In ONE we are committed to Innovation and integration of leading technologies and methodologies, such as Advanced Reality Technologies (Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality). We help organizations understand how Advanced Reality can impact their processes and develop the skills to create it. Covering the whole value chain, from conception and design to implementation and tailored development, focusing in our core competencies and best practices with our strong value portfolio and partners network.


Smart Cities: Our iCity solutions and services web platform, modular scalable and customizable, addressed to Public Administrations, Citizens and Utilities in order to provide tools for monitoring, control and cooperation to the main stakeholders of the smart city.

Portfolio de Productos y Servicios

iCity. Plataforma de Servicios Inteligentes para mejorar la calidad de vida en las Ciudades.“Urban Social Network Platform” ha sido diseñada siguiendo las normas y recomendaciones de la Comisión Europea, con el fin de potenciar la vida activa de los ciudadanos en las ciudades.

SmartEducationLabs. Plataforma de Servicios y Recursos Educativos/Formativos para el aprendizaje disruptivo. Gracias a la integración de las nuevas tecnologías digitales en la escuela “Realidad Virtual y Aumentada”, podemos acercar a los estudiantes a un nuevo universo de aprendizaje mas creativo e inspirador.

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