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ONE Innovation Strategy: We reduce the risk and uncertainty of the ideas from our customers, by understanding their needs in line with market trends and demands. Strategy not Technology, drives Digital Transformation.


We are living in a new scenario where technological innovation has become a dynamic and critical success factor. Innovation is a must to be a leader; therefore, we are organized in Innovation Teams and Knowledge Labs, according to every knowledge competence area and the skills of our experts and high qualify professionals.


We assess R&D capability maturity relative to target levels and create a prioritized strategic roadmap to close gaps. Talent and organizational performance strategies and changes to improve the performance, retention and engagement of the R&D workforce in light of today’s complex industry trends and need for competitive differentiation. So therefore, we work closely to our extend network of partners and Universities to improve our solutions and services day by day.


ONE will help you to translate ideas into new and/or improved solutions and service offerings. This includes early science, technology and engineering analysis, experimental design & strategy and full modelling and data analysis.


Virtual Reality Technologies can be used to place users in a real world or virtual situation, playing an active role in proceedings through various task and scenarios they will need to interact with. Situations and outcomes will dynamically change, depending on the users input and this will keep them active and engaged throughout the experience.


My Smart Destinations, allows students to walk around “ancient places”, discovering more than words and pictures…immersive life and visual experiences.


My Smart Classroom, a new "VR/AR" educational ecosystem, integrating existing technologies under a new paradigm, facilitating the use of it and empowering the community engagement.

Smart Education Labs product description
SmartEducationLabs (SEL) is an innovative platform for educational services, which includes advanced reality technologies in immersive environments (virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, 360º video), methodologies and educational content in a modular architecture (on/off line). A single SEL module provides material for many lessons. SEL is completely compatible with traditional, multimedia and smart classroom lessons, and is used as a complement and not as a substitute for current systems.
SEL is made up of components (SmartClassroom, StemLabs, Experiences, etc.) which are organized in modules, each with its own methodology, VR/AR/ 360º video class and associated training. An SAAS platform allows users to download the different modules. These will be displayed in a shop, acc
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