Smart Innovation leads digital transformation

Our vision of Smart Citizens of a new knowledge digital era, living in smart cities in a sustainable environment. Engaging World´s youngest and oldest citizens in future internet-based industries can transform a drain on public and private finance into a unique competitive strength.


In ONE we provide smart solutions to help citizens to grow, adapt and live in this new digital competitive environment in different environments. Knowing in real time the critical issues of the city compared to the quality of life canons (traffic, pollution, security, infrastructures, open construction yard, tourist paths, public transport, limited traffic zone, energy, water, waste collection and disposal).


  • Objectify and speed up rapid intervention decisions.


  • Support the city government and relevant institutions through surveys on sensitive areas and to the historical event management.


  • Provide data and “fresh” and transparent information to citizens about the management and processes of the city.


The Municipalities of Milano, Avelino, Bevento, Verona are some of our “iCity” references.


In ONE we are committed with Innovation and integration of leading technologies and smart business solutions, such as Virtual & Augmented Reality, Virtual Worlds, 3D Reconstructions, creating value for the Cultural Heritage preservation and Tourism promotion.


Our team, as a reference in the international context, becoming a added value solutions provider to the Municipalities of Madrid, Valencia, Murcia, Segovia, Soria, Cuenca, Ubeda y Baeza.


My Smart Destinations is the Virtual Reality app for education and cultural heritage preservation experiences. Enter My Smart Destinations and navigate in a virtual environment, that transforms the experience of visiting your favorite cities and places into a new dimension. From the historical recreation to the present time, living a unique3D immersive and amazing experience. Vision and sound are the most powerful senses given you the teletransported ability to virtual reality.

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