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eLearning is about to become more interactive, more fun, and more social. Specifically in the way that “new advanced technologies and methodologies” will improve education and learning processes. It is not only changing the environment around students, it also allows them to construct their own exciting learning environments.


KON.it is a social-learning platform that overcomes the limitations of the old existing LM´s and transforms the learning experience in a collective one. KON.it stimulates the users’ active participation providing an easy way to enrich learning content by adding annotations, comments and assets collected on the Web. Siemens, Atos, ENEL University, Gewiss, Marposs, Centro Europeo de Formación, already trust on us.


In our SmartEducationLabs, teachers and students experiment with new immersive technologies, virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality…for a practical and better understanding of knowledge. The great thing is that it is curated by experts and teachers. It only contains what we believe are resources with a direct relevance to the education community. We have extensively drawn on our archive of SmartEducationLabs tools together with a bunch of external resources to compile this “Advanced Reality” apps and experiences selection.


Our team have been involved in the most Innovative International Educational Projects and Vocational Training Programs: “Internet at School”, “Agrega”, “School 2.0”, "Smart Learning Program".


ONE, is a global player in the International Educational context (Spain, Italy, Malta, UAE...) becoming a reference for the Spanish Government, Ministry of Education of United Arab Emirates, Ministry of Education of Saudi Arabia and Ministry of Education of Oman.


My Smart Classroom has been design according the most innovative and disruptive trends. A new educational ecosystem, integrating existing technologies under a new paradigm, facilitating the use of it and empowering the community engagement. Emerging ICT applications based on Virtual Reality environments, including such novel means as Augmented Reality technology, can become important game changers for the community. My Smart Classroom experience is enlightenment for humankind, guidance and promoting values and experiences for education in the fields of: Creative Arts, Language Arts, Science and Technology.

New eLearning Product Portfolio

Description of our added value proposition (solutions & services) in the eLearning and Smart Education Labs environment.



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