Smart Education

Reimagining Education


Imagination, knowledge and experience to help your organization reimagine and transform your processes to grow and
develop all critical aspects.


Through Open innovation, we help organizations to accelerate their internal innovation process, and advance in the implementation of competitive disruptive technology.


Our training program is a key success factor for any digital project implementation, including workshops, masterclass, seminars and community support.

Smart Learning Solutions

Best in Class Technology and Partners

Smart Education Labs

SmartEducationLabs is the World´s first VR/AR platform designed for Smart Digital Education. SEL includes access to a huge digital resources library, teacher’s manuals, guides and templates for daily activities and projects. SEL also provides access to our SEL Edu Community of experiences designed, created and shared by the Community. As well as exciting VR/AR educational content, published by the partners involved in the project. SEL will apply great benefits for Education: empowering teachers through new methodologies, improving student’s engagement with immersive VR/AR/MR experiences and experimental learning scenarios...Teachers training program, methodology and implementation, Kpi´s, evaluation and follow up, are main phases of the program.

Social Learning is a real innovative Social Learning environment for digital people and organisations. KON stands for Knowledge On the Net and it is born from the long experience in e-learning of Italdata S.p.A. It is much more than an LMS where you can learn from a structured training process, a wbt, a webinar, a teacher. wants to help the Companies and you to facilitate the knowledge transfer and sharing, the collaborative working about specific tasks, the search of contents and experts. It boosts the problem solving, reduces the knowledge gap and improves the learning from each other in the digital KONmunities.

Smart Training Ecosystem

INNVESTION is an innovative platform for TRAINING, OPERATION and MAINTENANCE of industry installations, which includes Advanced Reality technologies in immersive environments (VR/AR/MR and 360º video), methodologies in a modular architecture (on/off line). An interactive immersive platform that transforms the concept of learning into a live experience, process oriented and continues tracking assistance and evaluation. VR/AR and Simulation-based training also helps increase professionals confidence because they can practice procedures until they master them. Further, trainees become more aware of safety procedures because they have to follow them in the simulations.


All our solutions were designed to be intuitive and easy to use. In an On/Off-line multiplatform environment and for both PC and Mobile VR.


Your VR experiences can be easily integrated into existing websites, mobile apps, CMSs, LMSs, and other. Custom integrations available


Need something special? Come talk to us and we will see if we can build it. Our customers’ needs come first.

New eLearning Product Portfolio

Description of our added value proposition (solutions & services) in the eLearning and Smart Education Labs environment.

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