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MyStemLabs helps teachers and students to discover opportunities to learn science, technology, engineering and mathematics, by addressing problems that have real-world applications. Students feel connected to the problem they are solving. Something beautiful is created…


In VR Ecosystem, users can learn by doing, practicing, experimenting and training until they reach the objective with the correspond prize. Practicing in virtual scenarios with materials and situations, impossible to replicate or archive in every place around the world...


In our ONE VR Studio, we can create the perfect atmosphere to make your dreams come true. A perfect combination of imagination, inspiration, creativity and passion, where the experiences lived, transports users beyond reality...

Immersive Experiences

Building magic worlds and amazing immersive experiences

My Stem Labs

Problem solving is really the heart of STEM investigations. Providing students with real-world problems to solve fuels their curiosity and investigative interests. MyStemLabs is a new component of Smart Education Labs platform, that helps teachers and students to discover opportunities to learn science, technology, engineering and mathematics, by addressing problems that have real-world applications. One of the keys of our approach is to integrate the contents into a coherent context. For instance, hands-on environmental education projects enrich STEM learning and offer an exciting opportunity to engage more students into the subject...

VR Ecosystems

We are living in a new scenario where technological innovation has become a dynamic and critical success factor. Innovation is a must to be a leader; therefore, we are organized in Innovation Teams and Knowledge Labs, according to every knowledge competence area and the skills of our experts and high qualify professionals.

According to that, we can buil specific VR/AR Ecosystems adapted to every need and requirement. In the field of Education, Training, Edutainment, Art or Marketing activities. From the design, build and operate business process, covering the complete value chain...


ONE VR Studio

Feeling creative and artistic? For the first time ever you can walk through your creations and real experiences.

ONE VR Studio is the first VR Open Art Centre. We use the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR equipments and Dell and Asus power computers. We invite you to place on "Complete Immersive World", while grab your hand controllers and interact with the most immersive virtual spaces and environments unlike ever seen before. Our digital music equipment will introduce you into a fully creative space open to your imagination.

Virtual reality immersive experiences, which enables you to move around the virtual environment in real time.


We help you to translate ideas into new and/or improved solutions and service offerings. This includes early science, technology, analysis, experimental design & strategy and full modelling.We reduce the risk and uncertainty of the ideas from our customers, by understanding their needs in line with market trends and demands. We can provide consultancy and development services for your company VR/AR innovation demands.


VR/AR/MR Masterclasses are a series of curated short talks that run alongside the main programme and focus on how some of the latest ground-breaking VR, AR and mixed reality experiences are created. Based on years of experience, you will hear the managers, producers, directors and programmers explain how these experiences were created, the challenges involved, how audiences reacted – and what’s next.


Imaging for a moment a trip around an ancient city, reconstructed from their origins and you will be there as never could even imagine before. And the experience changes according to the user’s interaction or requested perspective.

Anyone who has ever dreamed of going into space can now see those dreams come true, with the release of a virtual reality (VR) spacewalk



Smart Education Labs product description
SmartEducationLabs (SEL) is a VR/AR platform for educational services, which includes advanced reality technologies in immersive environments (virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, 360º video), methodologies and educational content in a modular architecture (on/off line). A single SEL module provides material for many lessons.
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