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Virtual Reality has been widely applied to cultural heritage such as the reconstruction of ancient sites. It has hardly been applied to the reprise of specific important moments in history. The reconstruction of Islamic City of Cuenca or Romanesque Soria are just some of our references.


ONE provide Smart VR Solutions to help citizens to grow, adapt and live in this new digital competitive scenario in different environments. Virtual Fair VR, will help your online events to generate new leads as well as to communicate with customers, partners, and media


We can see in some Smart Cities a trend development of a new model for  running a business in hospitality
industry, referred to as Smart Hospitality. This model is specifically distinguished by the new information and communication technologies.

Best Practices

Reimagining Smart Cities

My Smart Destinations

My Smart Destinations is the VR app for Cultural Tourism, Cultural Heritage preservation and Immersive Educational experiences. Enter My Smart Destinations and navigate in a virtual environment, that transforms the experience of visiting your favorite cities and places into a new dimension. From the historical recreation to the present time, living a unique3D immersive and amazing experience. Vision and sound are the most powerful senses given you the teletransported ability to virtual reality...

Virtual Fair VR

Innovation in VR Shopping and Retail. According to latest Forbes studies the days of going to a store to shop or browsing online may soon be over. Virtual Reality technology has the power to transform the shopping experience. From transporting customers to another world to showcase products to letting them try things virtually, Virtual Reality is the future of Shopping Experiences.

Integrating your Smart Cities approach with a Virtual Reality Events Platform, will let you expand your brand to the Global Smart World.

Smart Hospitality

The implementation of Smart Hotels and Senior Residences, needs a new Training and Activities program for the staff in such new tecnologies and create Brand Value.

The Smart Training Program includes 360º immersive 3D videos and runs on autonomous VR headsets. This XR Training program for your Chain will be distributed to the relevant Hotels and will assist the Human Resources department. Our Smart Hospitality Training platform is available 24/365 and accesible from Mobile device to PC.

Main benefits: 360º immersive experience, online training progress supervision, cost saving, highest possible training standards and permanent evaluation and support.


Everything was designed to be intuitive and easy to use. In an On/Off-line environment and both PC and Mobile VR.

Objectify and speed up rapid intervention decisions


All our experiences runs on a multi-platform environment. Support the city government and relevant institutions through surveys on sensitive areas and to the historical event management



Provide data and transparent information to citizens about the management and processes of the city.

Need something special? Come talk to us and we’ll see if we can build it. Our customers’ needs come first.

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