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VIVALDI 3.0. The Immersive Universe of Antonio Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons.'

The mission: To contribute to the exponential growth of the digital sector in Spain and Europe by bringing knowledge of creative arts and music to society, facilitating access, and democratizing their use through a hybrid platform that highlights the ability of creative arts to evoke emotions, sensations around the natural environment, and unite people around collaborative communities.

To encourage and accelerate the participation of a greater number of young women in the digital creative industry, promoting the employment of new generations and entrepreneurship in innovation, for future professions and skills.


The Project

The grants for promoting the video game sector and other forms of digital creation form the Ministry of Culture of Spain, aim to support the ecosystem of this sector, covering pre-production, production, and distribution of video games and other forms of digital creation, as well as incubation, mentoring, or acceleration programs for projects related to the sector.

On the other hand, creators, artists and musicians collectives are demanding new approaches to reach audiences increasingly distant from traditional performance venues. 

Additionally, the detachment of young people from traditional models of participating in live events is directly impacting the current ecosystem of creators and artists in a significant way.

This has provided us with the opportunity to face this challenge with courage and a vision for the future.

This is a project finance by Ministry of Culture , NextGenerationEU founds and the Recovery and Resilience Plan.

The Challenge

Therefore, in close collaboration with the Reina Sofia Superior School of Music, we embarked on a journey to engage with young people through education, seeking fresh approaches and involvement in digital environments such as video games and immersive experiences.

The experience gained by both organizations in previous years in Spanish schools, through initiatives like "Music with the 5 Senses", has served as a reference point for us to continue advancing and improving on this path. 

Hence, we wanted to tackle this new challenge with a much more ambitious, cross-cutting, international, and multicultural approach capable of becoming a benchmark icon and evolving over time to adapt to technological advancements. Incorporating cross-cutting values such as equality, sustainability, planet preservation, and observing their impact through music.

Moving this project forward requires working with the best partners, sharing a common vision, and betting on an innovative and disruptive idea capable of exciting and engaging the widest possible audience. 


The Solution

And the pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly. Vivaldi and The Four Seasons allowed us to develop the idea to its fullest extent, the Reina Sofia Superior School of Music, the ideal companion to bring the experience to schools and educational centers, and musician Ara Malikian, a key piece in this picture, capable of painting and interpreting unique scenes around Vivaldi's work.

Vivaldi 3.0 is not a video game, nor is it a 360º movie; it is a unique experience in which the visitor discovers, explores, plays, and interacts with nature, the work, and the musician in an absolutely immersive way.

Over 6 intense months of work, involving an international team with more than 50 professionals, exceeding 2,500 hours of production and development, 3 days of live concert recording, 1 day and two live media concerts with over 500 students from 10 schools.

Vivaldi's four seasons from a perspective you've never imagined before.

Madrid in Game. Metaverse Virtual Campus

The mission: Madrid In Game emerges as an initiative by the Madrid City Council to enhance the city's innovative strength, the creative capacity of its citizens and professionals, the most disruptive and visionary talent in one of the most powerful industries such as video games, with a singular purpose: to position the city to another level on the International Stage.

It is a transformative action loaded with initiatives that focus on one of the most powerful engines of the future, understanding that to drive our innovation, technology, and industrial vision, there is only one thing to do: GET INTO THE GAME.


The Project

Madrid In Game's entrepreneurship programme, Start In Up, aims to promote and boost startups and companies in the video game sector to strengthen and enhance this industry, generating more and better entrepreneurs and jobs.

At Start IN UP, thanks to the 6-month programmes, start-ups will have the opportunity to reach the next level with the help of the network of mentors and trainers with extensive experience in the entrepreneurial and video game ecosystem. Start-ups also have access to cutting-edge technologies and Madrid's video game ecosystem.

Madrid in Game is looking for creative, innovative, passionate and talented minds. A unique opportunity where we connect entrepreneurs with leading experts in the sector.

The Challenge

The challenge is aimed at startups, emerging entrepreneurs with innovative projects, willing to enter the world of video games and immersive experiences capable of leading the sector in a differential and unique way, with a strong international vocation.

To achieve this, there are world-class infrastructures available, represented by a physical-virtual space housing various initiatives focused on three main pillars: development, experiences, and esports.

All activities at the Video Game Campus concentrate on promoting and developing new ideas in gamification and video games, fostering interaction among sector professionals, local talent, and the industrial fabric centralized in Cluster companies, while remaining open to other initiatives.



The Solution

The design and development of Madrid In Game's Virtual Metacampus has been quite a challenge. Our ONE team has created a space (conceptually embedded in Casa de Campo), tailor-made for the entrepreneurship program, in order to provide a platform capable of accompanying startups throughout the entire program. The design is tailored to different use cases, with spaces and services distributed across multiple worlds. Initially, it consists of three fully operational and independent 3D virtual reality spaces, for use within the Madrid In Game ecosystem, accessible from mobile devices, desktops, and 3DF/6DF virtual reality headsets.

These spaces are clearly identified by areas that can be accessed directly or through a Central Zone or Lobby: Imaginarium, Excellence Clubs, Inspiration Theater, Ignition Road or Zen Garden.

FilmLab LaC6. Emerging Filmmaker Mentorship Program

The mission: FilmLab LaC6 is a mentoring program for film projects promoted by SODECO and adapted to the unique needs of film creation and production in Asturias.

During five months in the central mining areas of Asturias, a group of 20 active film professionals with a recognized track record will accompany the entrepreneurs in the initial phase of their film project. 

They will learn the necessary methodologies and tools in the development and production of their own audiovisual work.

The Project

6 film projects will be selected (fiction, non-fiction or animation feature films and short films) that will form part of a support program spread over 30 school days.

The selected projects will be mentored by three tutors who will individually accompany the participants throughout the development of FilmLAB LaC6. 

Students will be able to share their project and learn the details of the processes of creating a film through 20 independent professionals whose film works have been nationally and internationally recognized in the different areas of the development of a film production: direction, script, production, editing , sound, VFX, immersive storytelling, ambisonic sound, animation, , broadcast and distribution.

The Challenge

The challenge is aimed at emerging directors and producers, under 35 years of age, born and/or residing in Asturias and with feature film and short film projects of any genre, form and narrative language (fiction, non-fiction or animation). 

In short, a program aimed at entrepreneurs with talent, training and entrepreneurial capacity who need to find their own cinematographic look, with a special focus on the rural areas. Where they have fewer resources and access to new technologies. 

Develop a professional dossier that is the cover letter of your film. Prepare and present your project to producers, distributors, exhibitors, and film festival programmers.

The Solution

FilmLab Lac6, it is quite a challenge before us. That requires the design of an actions-based training methodology and hands on workshops with individual and group experimentation.

The program combines face-to-face workshops, one-on-one meetings, face-to-face and virtual mentoring with the tutors and professionals, meetings with producers and distributors, etc.

Technologies and production software and devices: 4K and 8K 360º cameras, Zoom ambisonics recording equipment, introduction to Virtual Productions with Unreal Engine, creation of a Virtual Pitch in the Metaverse, introduction to AI in the creation process, and practices with Pico 4 VR devices.

Virtual Fair 2025. Brands at the Metaverse. 
Ayuntamiento Tres Cantos

The mission: The City Council of Tres Cantos, through the Department of Economic Development and Employment, launches the "Virtual Fair" platform to energize and promote local commerce and the business community of Tres Cantos. This represents a determined commitment to Innovation and Digital Transformation, reimagining new forms of commerce visibility based on new technologies. Automotive, fashion, health, home, food, restaurants... choose yours and participate now. 

City Council of Tres Cantos is ahead of its time, already using Virtual Reality and offering businesses, SMEs, and citizens a new service, the Immersive Virtual Fair Platform, which facilitates the visitor's purchasing decision-making process.

The Project

The fast development of digital commerce in recent years has endangered small local businesses, neighborhood shops, and with them thousands of jobs and a community that adds significant value to the municipality. In order to promote this economic model sustainably, the Tres Cantos City Council has decided to tackle it with creativity and innovation, something it has been doing for almost the past 10 years. 

Now, with an advanced virtual fair tool, users can "stroll" through the digital stands of around twenty retail businesses. This initiative is driven through the Department of Local Development, with the aim of promoting commercial development in the municipality. 

This "virtual venue" showcases participating companies and businesses in a three-dimensional environment, allowing internet users to navigate and explore each company's different elements "as if they were physically present at the fair." In this way, residents are invited to "experience it firsthand," making the application represent "the future of electronic commerce", as it allows for multimedia content updates, information, offers, and promotions for each of the establishments hosted on the platform. 

The Challenge

The challenge is to create a new interactive channel for promotion and dissemination, as an extension of the Physical Store or Fair.

Opportunity to participate in specific or sectoral Virtual Fairs without the need for physical presence, reaching a global market with minimal cost. 

Establish synergies with other participants and acquiring new customers. 

Unlimited visitor potential, as the Fair is open 24 hours a day. 

Enhancement of corporate image, following the latest technological trends. Intelligent and eco-friendly environment, without environmental pollution. 

Opportunity to reach new markets and younger demographics, regular users of the Internet and Social Networks. 

Potentially high return on investment compared to physical participation. Immersive multimedia environment that enhances and amplifies the visibility of the commercial proposal.

The Solution

The Virtual Exhibition and Events Fair is developed entirely in an immersive 3D environment. The conceptual design stems from years of experience and continuous interaction with clients and users who have conveyed their needs and suggestions ( Tres Cantos, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Soria, or Segovia). The goal is to provide a real, usable, accessible experience that adds tangible value to various participants in the ecosystem.

A user visiting the virtual fair, much like at a physical exhibition, can obtain real-time information about the companies present at the stands. They can utilize this virtual space to present corporate information, promotions, commercial information about products, services, news, etc., resembling a mini website. 

It represents a firm commitment to Innovation and Digital Transformation, reimagining new forms of commerce visibility based on immersive technologies. The role of Business and Commerce Associations is noteworthy in encouraging their members to utilize these applications.

Automotive, fashion, health, home, sports, tourism, food, restaurants, technology, art, and culture are among the more than 20 fairs we have held over the past three years.


Music with 5 Senses. Bringing classical music to schools with virtual reality 

The mission: Train highly-talented musicians for their professional careers.

Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía, Fundación Banco Santander and ONE Digital Consulting, bring classical music to schools with Virtual Reality.

The Reina Sofía School of Music has launched the "Concerts for Schoolchildren" cycle, which seeks to create and train new audiences for classical music, which will take place throughout the years 2021 and 2022, and it has adapted to the complex sanitary measures imposed by Covid-19. 

The Project

The Reina Sofía School of Music has launched several projects that go beyond its usual training activity to bring its educational work to new audiences. The listening and practice of music unites through values such as commitment, perseverance, leadership and collaboration, which are essential for life and coexistence.

Through the experience “Music with 5 Senses”, young students became familiar with the artistic and musical creation of great composers in history through a virtual reality experience in which they were immersed in a series of educational videos performed by the School's Camerata Viesgo : “Mozart is Lost in the Night” (with Mozart's Little Nocturnal Serenade), “Dancing with the Ear” (with Respighi's Ancient Arias and Dances) and “Serenading with Tchaikovsky” (with Tchaikovsky's Serenade for Strings ).

Our goal is to turn this project into a new way of learning through experience, not a one time activity. 

Classroom integration, the immersive experience as a supplement (not a replacement) for the class.

The Challenge

The challenge is to bring this experience to all the schools of the Spanish geography, with a special focus on the rural areas. Where they have fewer resources and access to new technologies. 

An immersive educational experience in VR to bring classical music closer to schoolchildren through discovery from the heart of an orchestra. The participants become actors of the experience, provoking engagement by applying a videogame like narrative.

From the original recordings of the concert in 360º, with several cameras and ambisonic microphones, an immersive, dynamic an innovative narrative for young people has been created. So that through this experience, they will discover the keys to understand and analyze the works, the instruments and the feelings that are reflected in them. 

Carlos Ochoa, director and producer of the film, an expert in virtual reality applied to education, and Fernando Palacios, screenwriter and narrator, composer and music educator, have participated in its production.

The Solution

Creating immersive experiences in educational environments is especially complex. If we add to this that these experiences revolve around classical music, the complexity of the experience increases exponentially. Therefore, we set out to approach the project from an absolutely innovative and risky perspective. 

"Music with the 5 Senses" has recreated a magical world in virtual reality in a way that could not be represented in the real world. A classical music concert, traversing natural spaces and recreated 3D contexts, would be impossible to enjoy otherwise; and the sounds of Mozart, Tchaikovsky, and Respighi come to life with animated choreography in 2D and 3D in a magical and immersive world.

The Project in Figures: More 6 intense months of work, involving team with more than 50 professionals, more than 2,000 hours of production and development, more than 100 hours of recording in 20 diferent locations, virtual reconstructions...

Today, more than 10.000 students from many scholls already experienced the project with a degree of succes of more than 95%.

Trainining the next generation of Teachers In XR. Virtual and Augmented Reality will change the way of educating

The power of immersive technologies has been reflected in a very positive way in those organizations that have been able to pivot and quickly adapt to this new context. From the incorporation of immersive collaborative environments, to the synchronous interconnection of teachers and students, through the reinvention of collaborative spaces, workshops, congresses and virtual exhibitions, capable of bringing together thousands of attendees from all over the world in the same virtual place, it is the new real scene. 

The Project

Many companies, organizations, universities and large corporations have definitely opted for immersive technologies as a method of training their teams, to adapt their skills to the new mission. 

This new scenario has highlighted, once again, the need to accelerate changes in organizations, to achieve more dynamic structures, adaptable to new times, and with the ability to work from anywhere, at any time with different multicultural teams working on collaborative networks.

The Challenge

Teachers play a main role in this transformation process: The success of and Immersive Learning initiative, demands the engagement of a team of reputable, seasoned and qualified professionals and methodologies guaranteeing the fulfillment of all targets of the project.

Our Teachers Training Program, is a key success factor for the implementation of a XR project, including workshops, seminars and community support.

Over the last few years, we collaborated with organizations and institutions from Europe, Latam, India, USA, UAE, Russia as well as VRARA, Educators in VR, iLRN, MiranosYUnete...

The Solution

During the period 2019-2021, we helped more than 1.000 teachers to learn XR Technologies adapted to this new scenario. Developing activities in which students face real-life problems by identifying ways and means of solving them.

We teach teachers to create working groups dynamics, designing and analyzing the problem and solution according to the capabilities of each one. Create your own content and adapt it to the context, storytelling, and visualize them.

Complex concepts can be understood in a simpler and contextualized way. Seeking the interaction of the problem with its application in the real world. 

Magical and Mystery tour around Cultural Heritage. A journey beyond imagination

Europe’s rich cultural heritage is a perpetual source of inspiration, innovation and creation, benefitting the economy and society.

EU cultural heritage is an intrinsic part of our shared European values and cultural diversity which are the foundation of our European identity.

This is why we need to preserve it. And in order to preserve it, we need to help ensure that our European heritage is fully embedded in the Digital Decade.

The Project

Less than 20% of the collections at EU museums, galleries or libraries are digitised. The situation is even more dramatic for sites and monuments.

Its objective is to accelerate the digital transformation of cultural heritage assets, in education, tourism or cultural and creative sectors.

By 2030, EU wants all monuments and sites at risk, and at least 50% of the most visited ones, to be digitised in 3D.

The Challenge

We must take advantage of the opportunities brought by artificial intelligence, data, and extended reality. To preserve our cultural heritage in the long run, and to provide more immersive experiences to European citizens.  

Extended reality, in particular, holds many opportunities for all sectors to seize, in education, culture, tourism or retail. The market value and jobs created by the European extended reality industry are expected to double by 2025. 

Europe has many strengths already thanks to its large cultural diversity and highly skilled professionals in 3D modelling and content creation for games and animations.

The Solution

One has been working for many years developing historical heritage reconstruction projects in 3d, interactive virtual tours, virtual worlds, 360º videos. Islamic Kunka, Renaissance Soria, Roman Leon, are just some of the reference’s projects developed in Virtual Reality. 

With Magical and Mystery Tour, ONE made an extraordinary advance, by integrating these visual experiences, with music, and other creative arts, in an innovative immersive platform. In which sensory perception becomes a high value emotional factor. Magical and Mystery Tour around Islamic Cuenca, was reconstructed from a new immersive storytelling, allowing the visitor to travel beyond imagination. 

The Alhambra of Granada will be ready for 2025.

Ministry of Education of UAE. Mohammad Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program.

The Mohammad Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program offers a modern way of teaching through the integration of technology to the education system to establish a unique learning environment in schools through the introduction of ‘Smart Classes’ under which students utilise smart devices as means of acquiring knowledge. The initiative also includes specialised training programmes for teachers and the introduction of new curricula to serve its purpose.

The Project

Mohammed Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program is a joint venture between the Ministry of Education and the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in cooperation with the UAE Prime Minister's office.

The initiative aims to create a solid and integrated Smart Learning initiatives that actively involves teachers, students as well as parents to enhance the learning experience.

The Challenge

The Smart Learning Program offers a modern way of teaching through the integration of technology to the education system. It has been recognized as one of the most innovative education programs worldwide. 

Smart Interactive eContents:  Interactive ebooks, smart learning objects.

Smart  Education Labs: Virtual & Augmented reality apps and STEAM advanced contents.

The Solution

ONE has implemented the Smart Education Labs using "cutting edge technology". Including the development and implementation of Smart Interactive Digital Content for 12 Learning Resource Centers, as well as VR /AR technology, including apps for pcs, tablets and smartphones.

Centers are equipped with VR & AR devices,  3D printers, 3D projectors, interactive screens, advanced interactive apps and the teacher's training program.


The European Asylum Support Office (EASO)

The European Asylum Support Office (EASO) is an operational regulatory agency set up in Malta with a mandate to strengthen Member States' practical cooperation on asylum, support Member States whose asylum systems are under particular pressure and enhance the implementation of the Common European Asylum System (CEAS). 

EASO provides training and develops training materials in support of the promotion of quality and harmonization in the area of asylum.

The Project

The main objective of EASO’s Training Curriculum is for it to be used by national asylum authorities across the EU. 

It can be used as a permanent tool to assist Member States in establishing a training framework for their personnel who works in the field of asylum or to complement their existing national training structures by means of high quality and commonly developed training material.

The Challenge

Make a consistent training in a multicultural context

Make complex analysis on training data for reporting to European Commission

Implement a blended learning methodology, enabling both theoretical and practical approaches to training. And development of high quality training material, based on a set of interactive modules.

The Solution

The EASO Training Curriculum, relies on a “blended learning scenario”. The e-learning part  is based on in the Amazon Cloud. 

The Italdata-ONE partnership solution included complex analysis on training data and for stringent data security requirements for the LMS, as well as multilingual interactive content and mini games development. 

Including migration, QA and PM services.

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